Oklahoma Stalking Crimes

Stalking Crimes

Oklahoma Stalking crimes, like most States, require that certain elements of the crime are met before there can be a conviction for a stalking crime.  A Tulsa metro area woman recently logged a stalking complaint against a man.  The 25 yr old offender met the women while working for a tree service.  He then repeatedly showed up at her home proclaiming his love for her.  The woman told him not to come back, but the man did not listen.  Eventually he showed up with a gun.  The woman… Read More

First-Degree Murder Charges

First-Degree Murder

Tulsa First-Degree murder charges are some of the most serious crimes a person can face.  The range of sentencing includes life in prison and, if the State finds aggravating circumstances, even the death penalty. Recently, an Oklahoma City woman shot two people after an altercation over a PlayStation gaming console.  The woman was on the run for a month before being caught.  While the murders were not pre-planned, they did occur during a felony.  This article will explain more about why this is a first-degree murder charge… Read More

Kidnapping Criminal Charges Explained

Kidnapping criminal charges

Kidnapping criminal charges in Tulsa Oklahoma are difficult cases and are charged as felonies. In October of 2017, an Oklahoma man was charged with kidnapping, rape, and other crimes after his step-daughter reported to authorities he had held her captive for 19 years.  The man fathered 9 children with her.  He even forced his son to perform a wedding ceremony in a van while in Wagoner.  The man took the woman from school when she was 11 and has been on the run with her throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and… Read More

Immigration and Criminal Convictions

immigration and criminal convictions

Immigration and criminal convictions or charges often end up with ICE holds. Immigration and Deportation are hot topics in the American mainstream today.  With all of the social and political roiling, some people may be asking the question: What affect do criminal convictions have on immigration?  There are many different aspects to immigration and criminal convictions that could affect you or a loved one living in the US on immigrant status. Immigration and Criminal Convictions Causing Deportation: Criminal convictions are a major problem for any immigrant or… Read More

Oklahoma’s Move Over Emergency Vehicle Law

First-Degree Murder

The Oklahoma’s Move Over Emergency Vehicle Law is serious and could cost you points on your drivers license. All emergency vehicles have the right-of-way when they are in performance of their duties.  See 47 Okl.Stat.Ann. §11-405 for the exact language.  Essentially this provides two separate options for how you should act upon approach of an emergency vehicle. Move Over Emergency Vehicle Law Reviewed If an emergency vehicle is approaching you—with lights, sirens, or other emergency signals—then you should pull over to the right hand side of the… Read More

Tulsa County Child Abuse Charges

immigration and criminal convictions

Domestic Violence: Basic Elements Tulsa County Child Abuse Charges and Domestic Violence have only a few requirements to meet for a court to be able to convict.  First there must be some type of assault and/or battery.  But the target of the assault or battery must fall into one of these categories:  someone you are or have dated, a family member, or a co-parent.  You can find this under 21 O.S. § 644(c).  If the state cannot prove one of these elements, then it is likely you will… Read More

Oklahoma Manslaughter Crimes

Oklahoma Manslaughter Crimes

Oklahoma Manslaughter Crimes are very serious criminal charges.  If you are facing these charges, it is useful to understand the nature of these crimes and what you may face if receiving a conviction.  This article will explain more about such circumstances and what you can do about it. First Degree and Second Degree Manslaughter: Oklahoma defines manslaughter under Title 21 § 74-711 & 716.  Both first and second degree involve unintentional killing of another person.  First degree falls under § 711.  This includes the killing of someone… Read More

Oklahoma Peeping Tom Criminal Charges Explained

Oklahoma Peeping Tom criminal charges

Oklahoma Peeping Tom criminal charges require that certain elements be present for peeping tom charges to stick.  Without these elements, the State cannot convict you of being a peeping tom.  These are under  Okla. Stat. tit. 21 §1171.  They include: – waiting or hiding – near another’s private dwelling or where privacy is expected (i.e. dressing room) -intending to secretly watch or view the victim. Basically, if you are watching a person who is expecting privacy and does not know you are watching, then you are committing… Read More

Tulsa Criminal Attorney Explains Shooting With Intent to Kill

Shooting with Intent to kill

Shooting with intent to kill is a felony crime in Oklahoma. The law takes shooting with intent to kill very seriously.  As a result, the law considers any type of firearm under 21 Okl.St.Ann. § 652(A).  So using something like a bow-and-arrow or other non-gun firearm would also fall into this arena.  Further, “purposefully” shooting the weapon at another person intending to kill or with the knowledge that death is a possibility, can face these charges.  This statute does not address self-defense claims, nor does it leave… Read More

Texting and Driving in Tulsa County

Texting and Driving

Tulsa County Texting and Driving Tickets is a fairly new ticket being issued by the Police in Oklahoma. In 2015, the Oklahoma Governor signed into effect Okla. HB 1965.  This made Oklahoma the 46th state to ban texting and driving.  The National Safety council reports some startling statistics about texting and driving.  An estimated 25% of the annual 1.6 million car accidents are the result of texting.  Further, approximately 330,000 injury accidents are due to texting each year.  If you face texting while driving charges this article explains… Read More