Defending Breaking and Entering in Tulsa

Breaking and Entering - Tulsa Criminal LawyersIn Oklahoma Breaking and Entering is more common than you think.  Often people don’t realize they’re committing the offense.  The simple act of even pushing an ajar door open can count as breaking and entering.  If you receive charges of breaking and entering let us help.  The following contains more information on how to recognize breaking and entering.

Tulsa Lawyer Discusses Breaking and Entering:

Oklahoma Statute Title 21 § 1438 defines the crime.  You must “intentionally,” or “willfully” enter into a structure without the owner’s or dweller’s permission.   Further, a structure in this sense can be a house, booth, or even a tent.  Further, you must have no intent to burglarize or commit any other crime or you may receive harsher charges such as burglary.  This crime can occur in two different ways.  First, it can include physical force, like pushing open a door, picking locks, or slashing screens. This falls under “actual” breaking and entering.  Conversely, using blackmail, fraud, or threats is also breaking in.  This is “constructive” breaking and entering.

Penalties in Oklahoma:

Penalties in Oklahoma for this crime are classied under misdemeanors.  Misdemeanors can carry up to one year in county jail as well as up to $500 in fines.  Oklahoma Breaking and Entering penalties can seem light.  However, when filling out applications regarding employment, education, and sometimes housing the business may ask for you to list misdemeanor offenses.  This is a possible disqualification for certain things, even if you have already completed the steps in your punishment.

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