Explaining Deferred or Suspended Sentence in Tulsa

Deferred or Suspended Sentence in Tulsa

A Deferred or Suspended Sentence in Tulsa causes confusion for people involved in criminal defense. During criminal court proceedings, you may hear the terms deferred sentence or suspended sentence. While both sentences are preferable to jail time, they differ from each other. These are important differences and will affect how you will act after receiving the sentence. Below we explain those differences and what they mean to you.

Deferred Sentence—What it is and what it means:

In essence, a deferred sentence is when you enter a plea of guilty or no contest.  After entering this plea and before the court accepts the plea, a deferred sentence is put in place.  This sentence will delay the judgment against you for a guilty or no contest plea.  In return, you must complete a set of tasks during a certain time period.  The time to complete these tasks must be within a ten year or less period.  Finally, if you fully complete the assignments within the given time, then the court will expunge your record.  This will remove any information regarding the crime and your involvement from the record.

Common tasks the court expects and requires when providing the option of deferment are:

–  Paying all court costs and fines against you;

–  Requiring a set number of community service hours to be complete;

–  Having a supervising authority oversee you and your tasks for up to 2 years; or

–  Possible 3 months jail time if the charges are especially severe.

Failing to hold up your end of the deferment, will result in the court accepting the original guilty or no contest plea.  Further, the court generally speeds up the process of your sentencing.

Suspended Sentence —The other option:

Suspended sentences are similar to the deferred sentence.  You will likewise enter a plea and the court will enact a suspended sentence before accepting the plea.  Next, you will have a specific amount of time to complete a series of tasks.  Unlike the deferment though, the suspended sentence is generally for criminal charges.  Therefore, the record will not expunge from your record.

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Legal Help With Deferred or Suspended Sentence in Tulsa 

If you believe a deferred or suspended sentence in Tulsa is right for you and your circumstances, let us know.  Our Criminal defense law office is able to give you proper legal advice Deferred or Suspended Sentence in Tulsa and help you navigate the legal system in an informed way.  Our first consultation is free, so don’t hesitate to call.