Failing to Pay Criminal Fines and Applications to Revoke

Failing to pay criminal fines

Failing to pay criminal fines and court costs is more than a single problem.  First, it may be difficult to find steady employment after an arrest.  If you cannot find a job, you may be subject to re-arrest and increased penalties.  For example, a Tulsa area man was released after serving his sentence, but had a heavy court fine.  Unable to find work because of his criminal record, the man became homeless and eventually went back to prison for stealing $14 worth of food.  Daily incarceration rates in Tulsa cost the taxpayers approximately $52 per inmate.  The following explains the Oklahoma criminal procedure for court fines and how we can help break you out of this cycle of failing to pay criminal fines.

Rules for Failing to Pay Criminal Fines and Court Costs

Criminal Procedure Title 22 Ch. 18 § 8 in Oklahoma gives the guidelines for court costs:

Rule 8.2—If you can pay, but refuse to do so you may have to go to prison immediately.

Rule 8.4—An extension is possible if you are having legitimate difficulties paying.  However, the court can choose to reject the extension and jail you.

Rule 8.5—While the court may dismiss your fines if you are subject to poverty or disability, it may also require you to return at a later time to re-evaluate your circumstances and decide if you are then able to pay your fines.

Rule 8.6—You must appear to request an extension.  Otherwise, you may immediately go to jail and possibly receive extra fines.

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Our Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Can Help You:

If you are caught in this vicious cycle of increasing court costs without the ability to pay, let us know.  Our attorneys have experience not only in criminal defense, but defense of your failing to pay criminal fines.  We know that breaking a cycle of court debt is not a simple task and can be difficult to do on your own.  Our first consultation is free.  Thus, if won’t cost you anything if you want to see how we can help you.