Fighting a Tulsa Burglary Charge

Fighting a Tulsa Burglary Charge

Fighting a Tulsa Burglary Charge is the challenge of your life. Burglary is considered a serious crime in the state of Oklahoma and those who commit burglary serious criminals. The laws pertaining to burglary are as complex as the potential means of breaking and entering one’s dwelling, and if you are accused of burglary, you need to talk to an experienced Oklahoma burglary defense attorney immediately, one who has the expertise and knows about fighting a Tulsa Burglary charge.

Types of Burglary Charges in Oklahoma:

In the state of Oklahoma, burglary is broken down to two categories, first and second degree. First degree burglary is the most serious and consists of breaking into and entering into the house or dwelling of another with the intent to commit a crime such as theft without the permission of the plaintiff. If the plaintiff has given the defendant permission to enter the premises, there is no burglary. In order for the crime of burglary to have occurred, the defendant must have forced his way into the dwelling by forcing their way through a wall, going through a door by ether picking the lock or latch or kicking it in, or breaking in through a window or opening the window’s closed  latch.  If another person is in the dwelling at the time of the break in, the plaintiff can be convicted of burglary in the first degree. First degree burglary is a felony and carries a sentence of 7 to 20 years in prison.

If no one is in the dwelling, a person can be charged with second degree burglary. The same criteria are applied to second degree as are to a first degree felony, those being breaking, entering, and intent to steal. In addition, force does not need to be used to enter the dwelling. Simply opening the door of a car that you have no relationship with can be construed as breaking. Also, simply walking through an open door or reaching one’s arm into an the window of a dwelling or automobile still constitutes felony burglary, just second degree not first degree. Being convicted or a second degree burglary carries a prison sentence of not less than 2 years and not more than 7 years in prison.

Fighting a Tulsa Burglary Charge We Can Help You:

If you are accused of burglary you need an attorney who is willing to take the time and investigate every aspect of your case. Don’t delay in calling our team of experienced Tulsa Oklahoma burglary defense attorneys as time is of the essence in preparing your defense.