Fighting Tulsa Statutory Rape Charges

Fighting Tulsa Statutory Rape Charges require a criminal defense attorney with experience. When most people imagine statutory rape, they think of strange situations like that of 37-year-old Oklahoma nurse Amy Blose.  She is currently in jail serving a 15 year sentence for statutory rape of a teenageTulsa Statutory Rape Charges

boy.  After her arrest she attempted to send a note to her victim.  It was in a breakfast burrito another teenager was asked to deliver.  However, statutory rape is often a result of two teenagers having a sexual relationship when one is 18 or older.  This can result in serious consequences.  If you or a loved one faces these Oklahoma felony charges, read on to understand more and how we can help.

Tulsa Statutory Rape Charges Explained:

In Oklahoma, statutory rape has no explicit definition in its own statute.  Instead, it pieces together under 21 Okl.St.Ann. § 1111 & 1115-16.  Rape is the penetration of another person without consent.  Conversely, statutory rape simply requires the sexual penetration occur from a person 18 years of age or older to a person under the age of 16.  It does not take into account if the person under the age of 16 was consenting or not.  This makes it a strict liability crime.

Strict Liability and Statutory Rape:

Because Oklahoma follows the rule of strict liability, the “of-age” participant in the intercourse is subject to complete liability for the event.  So, even if the underage victim lied about his or her age or consented to the acts, the “of-age” offender still bears punishment.  Under 21 Okl.St.Ann. § 1116, the consequences of a statutory rape conviction (in the second degree) can include 1 to 15 years imprisonment.  It also requires registration on the Oklahoma Sex Offender catalog.

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Let our Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorneys Help:

While the State makes no difference in statutory rape and consenting partners under 16, we understand that teenagers often find themselves in tough situations.  Nobody who is lied to should face such harsh penalties alone without the help from a competent criminal defense attorney.  Our attorneys will tailor a defense to your particular situation.  This is to give you or your loved one the best possible chance of beating the charges.  Our first consultation is free, so we know how to best represent you going forward.  Call us now or read our Tulsa criminal lawyers blog for additional information regarding Oklahoma crimes and punishments..