Interfering with an Emergency Call in Tulsa County

InterInterfering with an Emergency Callfering with an Emergency Call in Oklahoma is a crime.  Often interfering with an emergency call occurs during the commission of other crimes.  This can be during an assault and battery, a robbery, or a domestic dispute.  For instance in Oklahoma case Flury v. KIDS INK INC., a woman attempted to make an emergency call during an assault and battery she suffered at the hands of her supervisor.  He grabbed her wrist, bruising it, as he physically stopped her from calling 911 when they got into a heated argument over a computer password.

What Constitutes Interfering with an Emergency Call:

Okla. Stat. tit. 21 §1211.1 defines what interfering means.  It says:  “Any person who intentionally interrupts, disrupts, impedes or interferes…” or “…intentionally hinders another person from placing an emergency call” is guilty of interference.  Therefore, this act must be intentional in order to be a crime.  If the act is not a willful attempt to keep another person from dialing 911, you may need to seek legal help to defeat these charges.

Punishment for Interfering with an Emergency Call:

Whether intentional or not, if you are charged with disruption or prevention of an emergency phone call you face misdemeanor charges.  The penalties for this misdemeanor in Oklahoma are imprisonment for up to one year and a fine up to $3,000.  Further, this can blemish your record for years to come.  It could cause issues in housing, employment, and other important areas of your life.  As you can see, these are steep consequences.

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