Kidnapping Criminal Charges Explained

Kidnapping criminal charges

Kidnapping criminal charges in Tulsa Oklahoma are difficult cases and are charged as felonies. In October of 2017, an Oklahoma man was charged with kidnapping, rape, and other crimes after his step-daughter reported to authorities he had held her captive for 19 years.  The man fathered 9 children with her.  He even forced his son to perform a wedding ceremony in a van while in Wagoner.  The man took the woman from school when she was 11 and has been on the run with her throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico since.  While this is an extreme example of the crime of kidnapping criminal charges, there are many other events that also fit kidnapping charges.

Defining Oklahoma Kidnapping Criminal  Charges

Oklahoma’s Title 21 discusses the criminal acts for which a person can face punishment.  You will find kidnapping under §741.  There are several elements to this crime.  First, you must take someone without authority to do so.  This means that you must seize, imprison, or use flattery to take another person.  Second, you must have intentions to hold the person against their will, send the person out of state, and/or force the person into service against their will.  The service may be labor or prostitution of some other type activity done against their will.

Punishments for Kidnapping Criminal Charges

The punishments under law can be very strict.  It is first and foremost, a felony crime.  Therefore, it will remain on your permanent record, causingKidnapping Criminal Charges you problems with employment and costing you any right to own or possess a firearm.  Second, you are facing significant jail time.  You may face a penalty of up to 20 years for each count.  Further, even if the victim is willing to go with you, the courts will not consider this a valid defense.  However, if the victim is over 12 years old and consents it may be a defense.  But the victim must consent without having duress or threats levied against them.

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We understand that this can be a difficult charge.  Sometimes kidnapping comes against non-custodial parents or other people who believe they are doing what is in the child’s best interest.  Other times it is simply a he said, she said situation.  What ever the facts surrounding your particular case you need to get a legal advantage Call our offices for legal support.  Your first consultation is free. Call us 918.416.0358