Criminal Lawyers Discuss Manufacturing Meth in Oklahoma:

Manufacturing Meth in Oklahoma

While manufacturing meth in Oklahoma is becoming less of a problem, due to the super-labs in Mexico which ship meth across the border, this is still a major problem in Oklahoma.  Almost 1,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in 2016.  One-third of those deaths were from methamphetamines.  This is a significant uptick since 2015.  Although more meth is traveling across foreign borders, manufacture of it still takes place in Oklahoma at high rates.  This is a very serious charge.  The following article explains the legal parameters of the charges and what you are facing if arrested.

Proving Manufacturing Meth in Oklahoma:

Legal officials must present evidence of certain things to be able to charge you with manufacturing meth.
The elements include the following:
Presence of Meth—Having meth present in any form (salts, isomers, etc.) is very strong evidence against
anyone facing manufacturing charges.

Other evidence can also come from witnesses or undercover investigation.  If you have other criminal charges, or a background of petty charges this could significantly change the penalties you face.

Legal Consequences for Manufacturing Meth:

Because Oklahoma has dealt with a meth epidemic for decades, the justice system has implemented harsh penalties for any meth related crimes.  As a result, even a first offense is a felony.  This carries  a minimum of 7 years in prison and the court may extend this sentence to life.  In addition to the felony conviction, you will receive a minimum fine of $50,000.  This does not include all of the court costs associated with the charge.

If officers recover 50 grams or more of meth the minimum jail sentence will increase to 20 years instead of the typical 7 years.  Second offenses are subject to double the time you served in the first offense.  Further, the court does not allow for suspended or deferred sentences on these charges.  Additionally, if you receive a conviction you must serve up to 85% of your sentence before you are even eligible for possible parole.

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Experienced Tulsa Meth Charge Lawyers Can Help:

Our criminal attorneys have years of experience in representing and defending clients in various situations, including meth charges.  We understand that nobody aspires to becoming a meth user or seller.  For more information read our Tulsa criminal lawyers blog or call us at 918.416.9358