Oklahoma’s Move Over Emergency Vehicle Law

First-Degree Murder

The Oklahoma’s Move Over Emergency Vehicle Law is serious and could cost you points on your drivers license. All emergency vehicles have the right-of-way when they are in performance of their duties.  See 47 Okl.Stat.Ann. §11-405 for the exact language.  Essentially this provides two separate options for how you should act upon approach of an emergency vehicle.

Move Over Emergency Vehicle Law Reviewed

  • If an emergency vehicle is approaching you—with lights, sirens, or other emergency signals—then you should pull over to the right hand side of the road. If you are unable to pull over to the right hand side, pull as close to the right hand side as possible.  Stop.  Then wait for the emergency vehicle to pass.  Similarly, if you are in an intersection, clear the intersection and stop until the emergency vehicle passes.
  • When emergency vehicles are on the side of the road attending to a wreck, or stopping someone in violation of traffic laws, you must give the emergency responders as much room as possible. So, if a vehicle is on the right side of the road.  Pull into the left lane and provide a wide berth around the responders.  You should also slow your speeds to a reasonably safe speed but avoid gawking.


Right-of-Way Violations

Just like any other traffic violation, failure to yield or to violate Mover Over Emergency Vehicle Law in Tulsa may result in fines.  For example, traffic tickets for Move Over Emergency Vehicle lawinattentive or reckless driving may be possible.  These fines may reach up to $1,000.

However, if your failure to yield results in severe injury or death, you could be liable for much harsher penalties.  For instance, you may have criminal charges like manslaughter if someone dies from your negligent driving.  Further, you may also be liable for civil damages: medical expenses, restitution, and more.  Civil suits are often thousands of dollars in penalties and can bankrupt a person in a matter of weeks.

We Can Help You Fight Criminal Charges in Tulsa

Failure to yield or to violate Move Over Emergency Vehicle Law in Tulsa is more than just a state crime.  It can also be federal.  Our Tulsa attorneys have the proper training to help you in either arena.  With numerous nuances and tedious rules in the legal realm of traffic ticket laws, our attorneys can clarify the situation and navigate a favorable path for you. Call 918.416.0358