Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Manslaughter Crimes

 Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Oklahoma:

As you can probably guess, possession of a stolen vehicle is a crime.  Under 47 Okl.St.Ann. § 4-103, there must be certain factors present before the court can convict you on the charge.  These include:

– You must know the vehicle is stolen;

– Have possession of the vehicle; and

– You cannot have any legal grounds to have the vehicle.

“Legal grounds” would be that you legitimately believe you bought the vehicle or the vehicle is yours and you took it from a person who did not legally own the vehicle.  To avoid having legal liability on a vehicle you suspect may be stolen, have the person who purports to own the vehicle transfer the title to your name.

Possessing a Stolen Vehicle and Legal Consequences:

Oklahoma law considers possession of a stolen vehicle a felony crime.  Thus, the charge will go on your permanent record and you may serve prison time.  This particular charge calls for 1 to 5 years imprisonment depending on the severity of the crime.  It also may require a fine anywhere from $500 to $5,000.  Felony convictions also come with a host of other problems.  You will lose your rights to own firearms, and anyone living with you cannot own a firearm either.  Further, many employers may legally refuse to hire anyone with a felony conviction.  So employment opportunities are limited.


Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Oklahoma Lawyers Can Help

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