Prescription Drug Charges

prescription drug charges

Prescription drug charges are a reflection of the current prescription drug crises in Oklahoma. In 2014, the Oklahoma Legislature passed a number of laws regarding prescription pills.  These classify xanax, hydrocodone, and oxycodone as Schedule II drugs.  Further, the laws no longer allow doctors to prescribe certain narcotic pills for longer than 3 months.  The aim of such laws is to decrease the amount of abusers of prescription pills and hopefully reduce overdose deaths.  For people who find themselves facing punishment for illegal prescription pill use, the consequences are now harsher than in the past.

Prescription Drug Charges Oklahoma Laws

Prescription pills that are not prescribed to you, but in your possession and use are now Schedule II drugs.  This means that they are part of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Act.  Section 2-309 of the Act provides regulations for prescribing and receiving these pills.  First, the prescription must be from a medical practitioner with a valid license.  Second, if the prescription goes to a pharmacy via fax, then the pharmacist must compare the original prescription against the fax.  This has to occur at the same time the prescription pills dispense and to avoid prescription fraud.  Otherwise, the person prescribed the drugs and the person dispensing the drugs may have legal consequences if the act is intentional.

Penalties Involving Prescription Drug Charges

Oklahoma has some of the strictest narcotic drug laws in the nation.  Prescription pills are under the Schedule II category.  This means that possession of prescription pills—which are not a prescription for you—is a felony.  Depending on the amount of pills you have this could cost you two (2) years to life in prison.  You also face fines ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.  These fines will also add extra court costs and any litigation fees you may have.

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Legal Support Involving Drug Crimes

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