Tulsa Criminal Attorney Explains Shooting With Intent to Kill

Shooting with Intent to kill

Shooting with intent to kill is a felony crime in Oklahoma. The law takes shooting with intent to kill very seriously.  As a result, the law considers any type of firearm under 21 Okl.St.Ann. § 652(A).  So using something like a bow-and-arrow or other non-gun firearm would also fall into this arena.  Further, “purposefully” shooting the weapon at another person intending to kill or with the knowledge that death is a possibility, can face these charges.  This statute does not address self-defense claims, nor does it leave room for one.

Shooting With Intent to Kill Penalties:

Significant consequences accompany shooting with intent crimes.  If receiving a conviction, you have the possibility of life imprisonment in a State Penitentiary.  If you do not receive a life sentence, then you must serve 85% of the sentence before you have eligibility for any type of parole.  You are also facing fines of up to $10,000 and possible civil restitution to family members of the victim.

Once out of prison, you are a felon. This will cause problems in many areas of your life.  You may find it difficult to find permanent and decent paying employment.  This bleeds into other areas of your life, like affording housing, food, etc.  Thus, conviction of shooting with intent can be extremely detrimental even after you complete the immediate consequences.

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