Texting and Driving in Tulsa County

Texting and Driving

Tulsa County Texting and Driving Tickets is a fairly new ticket being issued by the Police in Oklahoma. In 2015, the Oklahoma Governor signed into effect Okla. HB 1965.  This made Oklahoma the 46th state to ban texting and driving.  The National Safety council reports some startling statistics about texting and driving.  An estimated 25% of the annual 1.6 million car accidents are the result of texting.  Further, approximately 330,000 injury accidents are due to texting each year.  If you face texting while driving charges this article explains more.

Texting and Driving in Oklahoma

The text of Oklahoma HB 1965, section 2(a) is as follows: “It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle….while using a hand-held electronic communication device to manually compose, send or read an electronic text message while the….vehicle is in motion.”

Therefore, any device that you must use your hands to text would be subject to texting and driving laws.  These may be cell phones, ipads, laptops, tablets, etc.  Moreover, the term “text” is not exclusive only to written message.  It also applies to photo messages, snapchat, etc.


Texting and Driving Punishments

Texting while driving consequences are found in HB 1965, section 2(b).  The most common penalty is a traffic ticket for distracted driving.  This is usually $100.  But, if you are in an accident while texting and this results in injury or death of another driver you will face increased punishments.  Fatality wrecks open the possibility for manslaughter charges.  If guilty of manslaughter, you face prison time and much larger fines.  As a result, these can reach into the thousands.  Plus, civil suits may come against you costing you even more money.

Call a Tulsa Traffic Ticket Lawyer For Help

Our traffic ticket attorneys understand the busy come-and-go of daily life.  We know that sometimes texting and driving is more of a necessity than a will to be neglectful.  If you face penalties for texting and driving, let our legal offices help you. Call 918.416.0358.