Assault and Battery

If you or a loved one has been charged with assault and battery we can help. Our assault and battery attorneys may be able to help get the chargesAssault and Battery Attorneys - Tulsa Criminal Lawyers reduced or completely dismissed.  We’ll review the charges looking for any weakness in the States case against you. For the State to prove assault and battery they’ve got certain obstetrical’s to overcome. Assault and battery attorneys with years of experience defending this type of crime understand this and know how to exploit their advantage.

If you retain one of our assault and battery attorneys in Tulsa, we’ll ensure your case receives the time and attention it deserves in order to best protect your legal rights. Read on to learn more about Oklahoma assault and battery laws.

Tulsa Assault & Battery Overview:

In Oklahoma, assault and battery can be charged as two separate crimes or one. When charged as assault and battery the assault is considered a lesser included crime. There are several types of assault and battery crimes in Oklahoma. The distinction considers the amount of harm done, any weapons used, and who was injured.

Simple Assault Tulsa:

By simply threatening to harm someone you can be charged with assault. Oklahoma crimes  Okla. Stat. tit. 21 Sec. 641 defines assault as a Willful and intentional threat to harm someone.  If a person threatens someone else and causes a reasonable fear in that person this is assault. If on the other hand a person utters threatening words alone, without causing a reasonable fear, this isn’t assault.

A conviction for assault is a misdemeanor. The penalty for an assault conviction is up to 30 days in the County Jail and a fine up to $500.00.


A person can be charged with battery if they intentionally use force in injuring someone. The victim must suffer some harm and have not consented to the actions in order for the charge to stick. For example, striking a person without consent and the touching was offensive this battery.

A conviction for battery is a misdemeanor.  The penalty for battery is up to 30 days in jail and pay a $500 fine, or both.

Tulsa Assault and Battery:

When the crimes are brought together the crime of assault is the lesser included offense. In Tulsa Assault and battery are more often then not charged together. Okla. stat. tit. 21 § 642 occurs when a person threatens someone else with the immediate bodily harm, is capable of completing such action, and does so causing bodily harm.

A conviction of assault and battery is found in Oklahoma crimes Okla. stat. tit. 21 § 644. The punishment if you’re convicted is up to 90 days in the County and a fine up to $1000.00 

Domestic Assault and Battery:

 To be charged with Domestic assault and battery there must be a domestic relationship between the victim and the person charged. The requirement for what constitutes a domestic relationship is found in Okla. stat. tit. 22 sec. 60.1    This persons that qualify as domestic for the purpose of charging the Tulsa crime domestic assault and battery is broad. Many people are surprised to find out that the relationship can extend beyond those living in a home together.

A conviction for domestic assault and battery is a misdemeanor conviction. The penalty is found in Oklahoma crimes and punishments Okla. stat. tit. 21 § 644. c If a person is convicted of Domestic assault and battery in Oklahoma they could serve up to 1 years in the Tulsa County jail and up to $5000.00 fine.

Aggravated Assault and Battery:

Aggravated assault and battery occurs when a person inflicts severe bodily harm on someone. Oklahoma crimes describe Tulsa aggravated assault and battery in Okla. stat. tit. 21 § 646.  It also occurs when an otherwise healthy person commits battery against someone who’s handicapped, elderly, or incapacitated. Usually in an Aggravated Assault and Battery case the victims bones are broken, suffers bodily disfigurement, or organ damage occurs all amounting to great bodily injury.

A conviction for aggravated assault and battery is a felony conviction. If a person is convicted of aggravated assault and battery in Oklahoma, could serve up to 5 years in prison and pay a $500 fine, or both.

Tulsa Assault and Battery Attorneys Defense:

If you’ve been charged with any assault and battery crime we can help. Assault and battery, regardless of the degree, is a crime of violence. This type of crime is aggressively prosecuted by the state. Our Tulsa criminal lawyers are ready to talk with you about your charges and offer a free consultation or you can fill out this form.

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