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Being convicted of drug possession or trafficking in Tulsa can result in severe criminal penalties. Not only will you be subjected to paying high fines, but you can possibly be incarcerated. Contact our criminal defense attorney if you have recently been charged with a drug crime in the Tulsa area. Our attorneys can help get the charge asserted against you reduced or completely dismissed. Contact us for a confidential consultation. Read on to learn more about Tulsa drug crimes and how our attorneys can help you.

Oklahoma Drug Crimes Overview

Our Tulsa drug charge lawyers provide legal representation for the following drug crimes:

  1. The drug possession of the following controlled substances:
    1. Marijuana
    2. Heroine
    3. Methamphetamine
    4. Cocaine
    5. Oxycotin
  2. Narcotics trafficking
  3. Illegal growth and cultivation of marijuana
  4. Manufacturing of methamphetamine
  5. Sale of drug paraphernalia
  6. Possession with the intent to distribute

The type of drug related charge the accused will receive will depend on the type of controlled substance that was in his/her possession at the time of the arrest, and whether he/she intended to to sell or distribute the substance.

Possession of Schedule I or II Controlled Substance

Possession of a Schedule I or Schedule II substance will result in being charged with a felony. Schedule I substances include heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and any other banned psychedelic drug. Schedule II substances include cocaine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and PCP. Marijuana, even though it is classified as a Schedule I drug, its possession is prosecuted as a misdemeanor for a first time offender. Schedule III, IV, and V drugs are also prosecuted as misdemeanors.

If the accused is convicted of possessing a Schedule I or II controlled substance, he/she could face anywhere between 2 to 10 years in prison and pay a fine up to $5,000. A misdemeanor conviction carries the possibility of spending up to one year in county jail and paying a fine up to $1,000.

Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney can help you challenge the two main elements of possession; actual or constructive possession. An attorney will also enforce the requirement that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt your guilt in order to obtain a conviction against you.

Oklahoma Drug Trafficking

Being charged with drug trafficking depends on the quantity of drugs the accused allegedly had within his/her vicinity at or near the time of the arrest. The following quantity types of controlled substance can trigger a trafficking charge:

  1. 25 pounds of marijuana
  2. 20 grams of methamphetamine
  3. 28 grams of cocaine
  4. 28 grams of PCP
  5. 10 grams of heroin
  6. 50 doses of LSD
  7. 30 tabs of ecstasy

A first offense for drug trafficking a Schedule I or II drug in Tulsa carries a mandatory minimum of 4 – 10 years in prison and is also punishable by a fine up to $500,000. A second offense carries a minimum of 12 – 30 years and $150,000 in fines. .

Common Defenses to Drug Crimes

If retained, our attorneys will examine police reports and supporting evidence to determine the appropriate defense to utilize in support of your innocence:

  1. Illegal search and seizure
  2. Witness credibility challenges
  3. Motion for summary judgment due to insignificant evidence
  4. Lack of possession
  5. Tampered crime lab analysis
  6. Drug(s) belonged to someone else
  7. Entrapment

Hire Our Tulsa Drug Charge Lawyers

We invite you to contact our drug trafficking attorneys to discuss your case in detail. Once you retain us, we will review the police report and start gathering evidence to support your claims and rebut the prosecution’s challenges. Having a drug conviction on your criminal record can impact your professional and personal life  Your driver’s license may also be suspended or completely revoked. Call us for a consultation.

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