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False impersonation in Oklahoma is charged as felony. We have all been in a position to sign another person’s name on a contract or some sort of official document.  Even simply writing your spouse’s name on a check or contract can lead to trouble.  While it may seem harmless, this can be one of many forms of false impersonation in Oklahoma.  Other forms include:  falsely presenting oneself in a marriage, falsely representing oneself before a bail officer or court, and acting in a way to make the falsely impersonated person legally liable for any occurrence.

Proving False Impersonation in Oklahoma:

In order for someone to prove false impersonation, several elements must be present.  First, the offender must have assumed the victim’s “character” or name.  Second, the impersonation of the victim must be “intentional”.  Third, the impersonator must either make the victim legally liable in some way or receive a benefit as a result of the impersonation.

For instance, in Oklahoma case Camren v. State, the offender assumed his deceased brother’s identity in order to protect a suspended driver’s license.  Here the Robert Camren signed a traffic ticket as Billy Camren (his deceased brother).  This was an attempt to protect Robert Camren’s ability to receive back his suspended driver’s license.  Here the impersonator was Robert Camren, who intentionally assumed his brother’s character in order to receive the benefit of receiving his suspended license back.

Penalties for False Impersonation in Oklahoma:

False impersonation in Oklahoma is a felony.  An offender may receive up to 10 years in the State Penitentiary.  Further, the felony conviction remains a part of the offender’s criminal record long after the punishment is complete.

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