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One of the most heated debates on the national level in recent years is gun control. ItĀ seems that not a week goes by that there isn’t some sort of shooting or mass violence that draws national media attention and gun control is usually the proposed political solution to the problem of gun violence. Over the years gun control has gotten stricter and stricter and Oklahoma has followed the nation’s lead.

Gun control and regulation fall under both the state of Oklahoma and federal jurisdiction. There are a number of weapons that do not fall under the protection of the Second Amendment allowing citizens to keep and bear arms, and the state of Oklahoma restricts such purchases.


Summary of Oklahoma Gun Law

  • No Waiting Period to Purchase Firearms
  • must be of legal age
  • no felony convictions on their record
  • no record of mental deficiency or insanity
  • Sawed-off shotguns and rifles are illegal
  • Possession of Guns on or Near a School is a felony

Even though each state has it’s own gun laws there are times (almost always) when federal gun laws will supersede state laws. The National Firearms Act restricts the sale and possession of the following:

  • short-barreled shotguns
  • machine guns
  • silencers
  • extensive background check to purchase
  • purchase a tax stamp
  • register the weapon with the ATF

In addition to Oklahoma restrictions and The National Firearms Act, The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act places further restrictions on gun ownership nationwide as well as in Oklahoma. The Brady Act adds the following restrictions to gun ownership:

You cannot possess a gun if any of the following conditions apply:

  • if you have been convicted of a crime carrying a prison sentence greater than one year
  • if you are on the federal wanted list
  • if you are addicted to drugs
  • if you have ever been committed to a mental institution
  • if you have been dishonorably discharged from the military
  • if you have renounced your citizenship
  • if you are currently under a restraining order in any way
  • if you have been convicted of domestic violence


Oklahoma gun possession law adds that there are certain locations where you are not permitted to carry a gun.

  • A local, state, or federal government building
  • A school, school board meeting or college campus
  • A jail
  • A sporting event, casino or betting establishment


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