Tulsa Larceny From a Retailer Charges

Larceny from a Retailer

Tulsa Larceny From a Retailer Charges also referred to as Shoplifting is a major problem in retail stores.  Moreover, many people would be surprised to know that 75% of shoplifters are adults.  The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates approximately $13 billion in annual shoplifting losses.  In Oklahoma alone, over 70,000 petty thefts occurred in 2015.  Stolen items include a variety of things from electronics and clothes to kitchen mixers.  Thus, if you find yourself facing charges on shoplifting or petty theft you need a lawyer with the skill to defend you.

As with any crime, to find you guilty the state must prove every element of the crime. Its not enough that a loss prevention officer writes you a ticket or has you arrested for shoplifting. When you get to court they will have to prove their case.

Shoplifting or Larceny Statute and Penalties:

Okla. Stat. tit. 21 §1704 sets out the laws for petty theft, which is also petit larceny.  It requires arresting officers to prove you took an item from a person or retailer without any intent to pay for it or return it.  Further, the item must be of a value under $1,000.  If it is more than $1,000 in value, you could face charges on grand larceny.

Petty theft is a misdemeanor in Oklahoma and can carry harsh penalties.  It is punishable by fines ranging from $10 to $500.  You may also spend up to six months in jail.  But it is important to note that once you pay these penalties, consequences still occur.  For instance, a misdemeanor will follow you around on your record for years to come.  Without the help of an Oklahoma expungment this could be a dis-qualifier for certain employment or other opportunities in which personal integrity plays a vital role.

Tulsa Larceny From a Retailer Shoplifting Attorneys:

If you’ve been arrested or charged with larceny from a retailer we can help you. To often over zealous loss prevention officers at local retail stores will harass and ticket people in their stores who don’t meet any of the elements of the crime. If they cant prove the elements of shoplifting or larceny from a retailer then you cant be guilty in court.