Tulsa Public Intoxication Lawyers

Tulsa public intoxication

Our Tulsa Public Intoxication Lawyers can help you regardless of the alcohol related crime you’ve been charged with. When alcohol is served at any event, it is common that at least one person drinks too much becoming intoxicated.  If done in public, this could lead to arrest and fines.  In fact, thousands of people find themselves under arrest for public intoxication each year.  In Tulsa alone 3,000-4,000 arrests occur annually solely for public drunkenness.

What Tulsa Public Intoxication Encompasses:

To be charged with public intoxication you must be in public, intoxicated, and disturbing the peace of another person.  But public intoxication in Oklahoma is not simply the act of being in a public building or on a street.  You may also face arrest if you are on a private street, riding in a street car, or even as a passenger in another person’s vehicle.  Further, public intoxication does not only refer to drunkenness.  It can include drug intoxication, as well as any other cause with impairs you.

Penalties and Consequences of Public Intoxication:

Whereas many cities have a “drunk tank” which holds a person for a certain time and then releases them without record.  Tulsa does not.  Tulsa Police officers arrest and book violators in the David L. Moss correctional center, which also creates a record of the arrest.

In Oklahoma, public intoxication is a misdemeanor crime.  A person in violation of this law is subject to $10 to $100 in fines and may serve from 5 to 30 days in prison depending on the severity of the disturbance.  This can also become a part of your arrest record.  This can become an issue in the future when you apply for jobs, housing, and some professional licenses.

Let Out Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Help:

Our criminal defense attorneys understand how a night of celebration can get out of hand.  We want to make sure an innocent mistake does not affect you for years to come.  For more information regarding our criminal defense attorneys read out Tulsa criminal lawyers blog or Call us today for a free consultation.