Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Examine Violation of Protective Orders

Violation of Protective orders

Violation of Protective orders is a criminal offense. Protective Orders are intend to protect individuals from an abuser or potential aggressor. Commonly, after being served with a protective order, people often have questions about why. This means they will attempt contact with the supposed victim. However, this is violation a protective orders and could land the accused in jail. While protective orders are typical for situations involving domestic abuse or stalking, sometimes people attempt to use them for leverage in custody or divorce battles. If a protective order is placed against you, this article will explain the ramifications.

Violation of Protective Orders:

Oklahoma law punishes anyone convicted of violation of protective orders.  A violation may be any of the following:

– personal contact

– text or phone call communication

– entering a certain prohibited vicinity of the victim (i.e. 500 ft.)

– other action the court expressly limits in the order

Legal Consequences For Violation of Protective Orders:

Oklahoma tailors punishments to the severity of the violation.  Thus, not all violations have the same consequences.

  1. First Offenses—This is a misdemeanor charge. You face a one year jail sentence and fines reaching $1,000.
  2. Second Offenses—Repeat violations are felonies. The law subjects you to a term of imprisonment reaching 5 years and fines up to $10,000.
  3. 3. First Offense including Bodily Injury—If you physically injure the victim while violating a protective order for the first time, then you are still subject to a misdemeanor. However, fines are now up to $5,000 and you will likely face more prison time.

Related criminal charges for Domestic Violence charges in Oklahoma:

Often the court will order some type of treatment program to accompany the protective order.  These may be anger management, domestic abuse counseling, of substance abuse treatment.  Programs are generally a year to complete and subject to court review.  Further, the most extreme cases will require that you wear a GPS device which you must pay for from your own finances.

Our Tulsa Protective Order Attorneys Can Help

If you have a protective order against you let our attorneys know.  We have navigated the legal channels for our clients for years regarding protective orders and the consequences of them also.  Our criminal defense attorneys are capable and experienced, as well as highly aware of the gravity of violating a protective order charges in Tulsa.  Your first consultation is free.