Fleeing or Eluding an Officer is a Crime in Tulsa

Eluding an officer

We have all seen the movies where criminals avoid capture through a risky and often adrenaline-inducing car chase scenes.  While these are exciting to see in theaters, a real life car chase can result in especially devastating consequences.  This includes not only police officers, but highway patrolmen and state game wardens.  Whether fleeing through fear or for some other reason, we can help you navigate the legal system when it comes to fighting charges of eluding an officer.

Elements of Eluding an Officer:

To be convicted of eluding an officer in Oklahoma, several elements must be proven.  The following is a basic list:

– you were operating a motor vehicle

– an officer presented audible and visual signals for you to stop (red lights, siren)

– you attempt to elude the officer by extinguishing your vehicle lights, increasing your speed, or making any other attempts to evade

If you do most or all of these things instead of pulling over, you can receive these charges.  This can carry hefty consequences.  However, if anyone else is put in danger or injured as a result of these actions, you are liable for it and can have even heavier sentences placed upon you.

Penalties for Eluding an Officer:

A first offense of eluding an officer is a misdemeanor.  This carries up to a year prison term and a $100 to $2,000 fine.  However, if this is your second offense regarding eluding an officer your penalties increase to a $500 to $5,000 fine.  Further, if you endanger another person or cause an accident that injures another person while eluding an officer you can receive felony charges.  This is a much more serious charge.

Let Us Help

Our Oklahoma attorneys understand the precarious situation of people who have attempted to elude an officer.  We want to help you set up the best possible defense.  Call us today at 918.416.0358 or read our Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Blog for more information regarding Oklahoma crimes.