Eluding Police in Oklahoma

leaving the scene of an accident

If the state charges you with the crime of eluding Police they must  prove each element of the crime.

  1. The operator of the vehicle charged with eluding must have received from the Police a visual or audible signal to stop his or her vehicle.
  2. The operator of the vehicle said to be eluding Police must do some overt act to demonstrate his or her willful attempt to elude. This may include the driver of the eluding vehicle increasing his or her speed, turning off their headlights to avoid detection or any other act that demonstrates his desire to elude or willfully disobey the Police officers visual or audible signal to stop the vehicle.

The crime of eluding is a misdemeanor. As a misdemeanor crime eluding is punishable by up to one year in the County Jail. Additionally, fines and costs will be assessed and the amount will not be less than $100.00 and will not exceed $5000.00

If any person who is said to have endangered the life or limb of any other person is their attempt at eluding Police will be charged with a felony. The element of endangering increases the range of sentencing to 1 year up to 5 years in State Prison. Additionally the fines and court costs are increased to up to $5000.00

If while eluding Police and as a consequence of alluding Police or attempting to elude there is a resulting accident which causes severe bodily injury the crime will also be charged as a felony. If convicted of eluding and causing great bodily injury as a result of the eluding the range of punishment is 1 to 5 years in the State Prison and fines and cost up to $5000.00

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