First-Degree Murder Charges

First-Degree Murder

Tulsa First-Degree murder charges are some of the most serious crimes a person can face.  The range of sentencing includes life in prison and, if the State finds aggravating circumstances, even the death penalty. Recently, an Oklahoma City woman shot two people after an altercation over a PlayStation gaming console.  The woman was on the run for a month before being caught.  While the murders were not pre-planned, they did occur during a felony.  This article will explain more about why this is a first-degree murder charge and how the law penalizes offenders.

Types of First-Degree Murder

Surprising, however, to some people is the fact that first-degree murder can have multiple types.  There are five under Oklahoma Law.First-Degree Murder

  1. Murder with Malice: Generally, this is the form of first-degree murder people think of.   It requires a plan to murder someone and the malicious will to do it before the actual murder takes place.
  2. Felony Murder: If a person is committing a felony or attempting to commit a felony, and someone dies during it, then it is felony murder and a first-degree offense.
  3. Killing a child with unreasonable force or torture: Killing a child through abuse, torture, or use of unreasonable force is a first-degree offense.
  4. Soliciting a Killing: Hiring a hitman or another person to kill someone else is first-degree murder.
  5. Killing a Law Enforcement Officer: Intentionally killing an on-duty officer is a first-degree offense.


Punishments Under Oklahoma Law

Oklahoma Law provides some of the severest punishments in the nation for murder in the first-degree.  Once the State proves you killed someone beyond a reasonable doubt in one of the above situations, you will face charges.  This may be life imprisonment without parole or just life.  But in some cases, you will face the death penalty.  Oklahoma is notorious for being a state that puts inmates to death.