Juvenile Criminal Record Expungement

Juvenile Criminal Records Expungement

Juvenile criminal record  expungement in Oklahoma is a real thing depending on the juvenile offense.  In most instances the juvenile offense is sealed once the child reaches the age of majority but is some cases it does not. When records are not sealed, you have the opportunity to expunge the record under 10A Okl.St.Ann. § 2-6-109.  To get a juvenile criminal record expungement, you must first be 21 years or older.  If you are, then your record must be clean with no criminal convictions, and have no deferred sentences.  Finally, your must fully pay all your court costs and fines.

Juvenile Criminal Record Expungement Conditions

However, if you face adult charges as a juvenile, the expungement process is different.  This is under 10A Okl.St.Ann. § 2-5-213.  These requirements are somewhat different.  You must complete the sentence and have a clean record for 3 years after the completion.  Further, you must receive a discharge from the Office of Juvenile Affairs.  Once meeting these requirements, you can apply for an expungement.  If granted all the files regarding your arrest will be destroyed.

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Steps of a Juvenile Records Expungement

Expungements are generally a cookie cutter process.  You begin by filing a petition.  This requires certain documentation for proof of residence and employment, as well as character references.  Next a court date sets for a hearing.  The court allows a 30 day window for any agency to object to the request to seal the criminal record.  If the court feels the charge on your record is more harmful to you than it is beneficial to the public, then you receive the expungement.

Helping You Seal Your Juvenile Criminal Record

Our attorneys can help you file the appropriate paperwork for your expungement.  Once your request receives approval, you do not have to list the offense on any applications for employment, etc.  Let us help you clean up your record and your reputation.  First consultation is free.