Oklahoma Peeping Tom Criminal Charges Explained

Oklahoma Peeping Tom criminal charges

Oklahoma Peeping Tom criminal charges require that certain elements be present for peeping tom charges to stick.  Without these elements, the State cannot convict you of being a peeping tom.  These are under  Okla. Stat. tit. 21 §1171.  They include:

– waiting or hiding

– near another’s private dwelling or where privacy is expected (i.e. dressing room)

-intending to secretly watch or view the victim.

Basically, if you are watching a person who is expecting privacy and does not know you are watching, then you are committing a peeping tom crime.  Photographic and video equipment are also subject to peeping tom laws.  So even if you are not present, but you have technological equipment recording any of the victim’s activities in a private setting, you may still face charges.

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Peeping Tom Consequences

Oklahoma law generally regards peeping tom crimes as misdemeanor offenses.  This means that prison time could be up to a year with fines of $5,000, not including other court and legal fees.  Of course the time and fines depend on the seriousness of the offense.  Further, if you use any type of technology (i.e. videos or cameras) then legal punishments increase.  You may now face felony charges with up to 5 years in jail.  This is because you have clear intent to be a peeping  tom and think through the crime before perpetrating it.

Defending Against Oklahoma Peeping Tom Criminal Charges

Depending on the circumstances, Oklahoma peeping tom criminal charges can be a serious impediment in your future.  Felony charges especially can hinder employment opportunities, professional licensing opportunities, and more.  Our Tulsa sex crime attorneys understand the gravity of this.  Your first consultation is free so we know how to set up a plan for your situation.  Call 918.416.0358 and get the legal advantage that you need.