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This crime is one that comes in many different degrees and is different depending on the value of the property involved, who it was taken from and in some cases what type of property was involved together with whether it was day or night when the property was taken.. In Oklahoma the statutory reference for this type of criminal offense is Title 21 Section 1701

When the State charges you with larceny it must prove two things. First it must prove that you took the personal property of another by fraud or secrecy. Next it must prove that the taking of another’s property was done with the intent to deprive another of their right to the property.

There are two different degrees of this crime. The first degree is called grand larceny and the other is second degree petit.

Grand larceny is the more severe of the available criminal changes. For the state to prove Grand Larceny it must show that the value of the personal property exceeded $500.00. If you are convicted of Grand Larceny you may face a maximum of 5 years in State Prison and fines.

Petit larceny is the lesser of the two charges. The state will charge you with petit  if the value of the personal property is less than $500.00. Also the possible jail time is limited to a maximum of 6 months provided this is your first offense.

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