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Being charged with felony crimes in Tulsa can result in serious criminal repercussions that impact both your personal life and professional opportunities. If you or a loved one has been charged with a felony, contact our law office for a consultation. We are here to help you maintain your innocence. Do not delay in hiring one of our Tulsa felony lawyers. Doing so can subject you to serving unwanted jail time and paying harsh fees. Read on to learn more about Tulsa’s felony criminal justice and how our attorneys can help you.

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Under Oklahoma State law, crimes are generally classified as misdemeanors or felonies. Felonies are punishable by death or imprisonment in the state penitentiary. Common crimes charged as felonies in Oklahoma  consists of murder, manslaughter, rape, asking or receiving bribes, dueling, adultery, and the possession of child pornography. The defendant will have a right to a jury or bench trial.

Unlike most states, Oklahoma does not classify felonies  into separate categories (example – Class 1, Class 2, Class 3. Felony crimes are determined by the potential punishment associated with them. Each category of the offense has a maximum penalty associated with it. For example, a Class A felony might have a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and $50,000 fine. A Class B felony may have a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Additional penalties are imposed on repeat offenders.

Tulsa Felony Criminal Justice Process

Arrest & Booking

Felony arrest typically occur at the scene of the alleged crime, or after a law enforcement investigation occurs. Upon the conclusion of an investigation, if there is sufficient probable cause to conclude that a crime has occurred, an arrest warrant will be issued for the alleged suspects arrest. The accused will be taken down to the police station for booking. This process involves the police obtaining fingerprints and a photo of the accused. Once the accused is booked, he/she will be provided with a court date to appear in court. The District Attorney’s Office will decide whether to press charges against the accused.


At the arraignment, if the accused is charged with committing a crime, a plea of not guilty will be entered. The preliminary hearing will be set. The accused may have the option to post bail or leave on their own recognizance promising to return to court at the later appointed time.

Preliminary Hearing

At the preliminary hearing the prosecution will have to show probable cause that a crime was committed by the accused. The accused is not required to testify at the preliminary hearing. Counsel will likely make motions to suppress evidence during this hearing and may call forth witnesses to support the defense. The court will decide if there is sufficient probable cause and issue an order binding the defendant over for trial and order the accused to appear for a District Court arraignment.

District Court Arraignment

At the District Court arraignment, either a trial date will be set, or an no issue disposition date will be set. If a trial date is set, the judge will order a discovery hearing prior to trial to make sure the parties exchanged all necessary evidence. If a no issue disposition date is set, the accused will be provided with a date to enter a plea.

Jury Trial

At the trial, the prosecution will present evidence to support a conviction for the charge asserted against the accused. The defense attorney will be provided the opportunity to contest any evidence the prosecution presents as well as present evidence in favor of the defense. The prosecution and defense will be able to call forth witnesses (whom may be cross examined) to support their claims.

The judge will decide issues of law while the jury will decide issues of fact. The jury will provide a ruling at the conclusion of the trial. If no agreement is reached amongst the jurors, a mistrial will be declared. The prosecution will have the opportunity to retry the accused.

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Contact our Tulsa felony lawyers for a Free consultation regarding your Oklahoma felony charge. Our criminal defense attorneys can help get the charge against you reduced or dismissed or if need be put on your criminal trial. Do not delay in obtaining legal advice.

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