Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Examine Violation of Protective Orders

Violation of Protective orders

Violation of Protective orders is a criminal offense. Protective Orders are intend to protect individuals from an abuser or potential aggressor. Commonly, after being served with a protective order, people often have questions about why. This means they will attempt contact with the supposed victim. However, this is violation a protective orders and could land the accused in jail. While protective orders are typical for situations involving domestic abuse or stalking, sometimes people attempt to use them for leverage in custody or divorce battles. If a protective… Read More

Oklahoma Indecent Exposure Crimes

Oklahoma Indecent Exposure Crimes

Oklahoma Indecent Exposure Crimes can cause you your freedom. In February of 2017, a Pawhuska substitute teacher was charged with indecent exposure. She told a class of high school students that she was not wearing underwear, then proceeded to do cartwheels in front of the class while wearing a skirt. A student uploaded the Snapchat online and as a result the teacher was arrested. The punishments for Oklahoma indecent exposure crimes are actually quite harsh. They are more strict than a simple misdemeanor charge. Read on to… Read More

Tulsa Lawyers Fighting Oklahoma Human Trafficking Charges

Oklahoma human trafficking is a very serious charge. In April of 2017, police arrested Sarah Garland—a members of Tulsa’s most wanted list—for grooming a 15 year old girl for prostitution.  Garland and another woman, Misty Weathers (aka: Misty Hayes), face charges of Oklahoma human trafficking, child pornography, lewd molestation, forcible sodomy and more.  These charges arose from police finding a video of Garland and the other woman performing sexual acts upon the 15 year old girl.  Human Trafficking is an extremely serious charge.  While most trafficking is… Read More

Criminal Lawyers Discuss Manufacturing Meth in Oklahoma:

Manufacturing Meth in Oklahoma

While manufacturing meth in Oklahoma is becoming less of a problem, due to the super-labs in Mexico which ship meth across the border, this is still a major problem in Oklahoma.  Almost 1,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in 2016.  One-third of those deaths were from methamphetamines.  This is a significant uptick since 2015.  Although more meth is traveling across foreign borders, manufacture of it still takes place in Oklahoma at high rates.  This is a very serious charge.  The following article explains the legal parameters of the… Read More

Fighting Prescriptions by Fraud Charges

Prescriptions by Fraud Charges in Oklahoma on are the rise. In the summer of 2016 a Coweta doctor was charged by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics for obtaining prescriptions by fraud.  He would write prescriptions to patients he did not treat to acquire the drugs for himself.  Further, the doctor wrote many fraudulent prescriptions in the names of his friends and family.   If you or a loved one is in a similar situation, read on to understand the charges and how we can help. Elements of Prescriptions… Read More

Attorney Explains Difference Between Assault and Battery in Tulsa

The Difference Between Assault and Battery in Tulsa is an important question. If you face charges of assault and battery you may be facing more than a single charge.  The laws are somewhat confusing on this topic.  For instance, a battery may include an assault, but an assault cannot also be a battery.  The law makes a distinction between “assault” and “battery”.  This article will help you understand the difference between assault and battery in Tulsa and potential ways to beat the defend against the criminal charge. What… Read More

Fighting Tulsa Statutory Rape Charges

Fighting Tulsa Statutory Rape Charges require a criminal defense attorney with experience. When most people imagine statutory rape, they think of strange situations like that of 37-year-old Oklahoma nurse Amy Blose.  She is currently in jail serving a 15 year sentence for statutory rape of a teenage boy.  After her arrest she attempted to send a note to her victim.  It was in a breakfast burrito another teenager was asked to deliver.  However, statutory rape is often a result of two teenagers having a sexual relationship when… Read More

Attorney Discusses Oklahoma Robbery Laws

Oklahoma robbery laws are complex and require the help of one of our Tulsa criminal lawyers. According to city data, 920 robberies occurred in Tulsa during 2014.  This is a relatively high average for a city the size of Tulsa.  Further, Tulsa’s New on 6 anchor, Lori Fullbright posted an article on August 30th, 2016 discussing the robbery of a Tulsa defense attorney in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon in downtown.  Because robbery is on the rise, it is also more likely a person will be… Read More

Tulsa Public Intoxication Lawyers

Our Tulsa Public Intoxication Lawyers can help you regardless of the alcohol related crime you’ve been charged with. When alcohol is served at any event, it is common that at least one person drinks too much becoming intoxicated.  If done in public, this could lead to arrest and fines.  In fact, thousands of people find themselves under arrest for public intoxication each year.  In Tulsa alone 3,000-4,000 arrests occur annually solely for public drunkenness. What Tulsa Public Intoxication Encompasses: To be charged with public intoxication you must… Read More

Oklahoma Application to Revoke Sentence

An Oklahoma Application to Revoke probation is a serious problem. When a person is found guilty of a crime which did not result in a death, then they are eligible for a suspended sentence.  This means, that a plea of guilty enters and the defendant must complete a set of tasks during a probationary period or otherwise face jail time.  Many people complete the probationary period and are free to go.  However, if you fail to complete them, then an Application to Revoke may file against you. What is… Read More