Criminal Defense

Every criminal case in Tulsa is unique, and sometimes the case can get complicated very quickly. But have no fear, we are a very experienced defense firm who knows exactly how to handle your case and we are here to help guide you through each step.

Our aggressive defense team has extensive knowledge of Oklahoma laws and regulations, which gives us an advantage in securing a not-guilty outcome for your case. Over the years of helping many wrongfully-convicted clients secure the outcome they deserve. For decades our defense firm has been practicing criminal law in Tulsa. Our experienced attorneys have served clients for nearly every type of Oklahoma criminal case and we know how to approach your case with

Some of the common case-types our lawyers see from Tulsa clients are below.

Assault and Battery

Tulsa Assault AttorneyIf you or a loved one has been charged with assault and battery we can help. Our assault and battery attorneys may be able to help get the charges reduced or completely dismissed.  We’ll review the charges looking for any weakness in the States case against you. For the State to prove assault and battery they’ve got certain obstetrical’s to overcome. Assault and battery attorneys with years of experience defending this type of crime understand this and know how to exploit their advantage.

If you retain one of our assault and battery attorneys in Tulsa, we’ll ensure your case receives the time and attention it deserves in order to best protect your legal rights. Read on to learn more about Oklahoma assault and battery laws.

Criminal Defense Blog

Oklahoma Embezzlement Crimes

The crime of embezzlement is charged either as a felony or a misdemeanor. The determining factor is the value of the property that is said to have been embezzled. If the property value is under five hundred dollars the crime is charged as a misdemeanor subjecting the accused to the possibility of up to not more than 1 year in the county jail and fines. For property embezzled that is valued in excess of $500.00, and depending on incremental amounts thereafter, up to $25,000.00 or more, the… Read More

Tulsa Aggravated Assault and Battery Charges

Tulsa Aggravated Assault and Battery Charges have serious consequences for those convicted of the crime. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation shows over 11,300 reports of aggravated assault and battery in 2015.  In the grand scheme, it may appear a relatively small number.  However, it can carry heavy penalties.  If you believe you were part of an aggravated assault and battery read on to understand more about what you are facing and how we can help you. Aggravated Assault and Battery Statute: Oklahoma Statute Title 21 § 646 specifies when… Read More

Tulsa Lawyers Discuss Harboring a Fugitive

Harboring a fugitive is not an outdated crime that only exists in movies and crime novels.  It is a real occurrence and still happens here in Oklahoma.  For example, in the 1986 Oklahoma case of Shockley v. State a father refused to allow police to speak with his 15 year old son, who was suspected of murder.  He then helped his son attempt to flee by providing him with a vehicle and cash.  The father received a seven year prison sentence and the label of felon for… Read More

Tulsa lawyers Discuss Malicious Injury to Property

Malicious Injury to Property is no minor occurrence in Oklahoma.  OSBI has estimated over 450,000 property crimes occur annually.  Further, over 100,000 of those property crimes are acts of vandalism, or legally “malicious injury” to property. This is a significant amount. Malicious Injury Defined: Title 21 §1760 of the Oklahoma Statutes states if any person “maliciously injures, defaces, or destroys any. . . . property” of someone else’s then they are guilty of malicious injury to property.   This can range from graffiti on bridges and walls to… Read More