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The unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle in Tulsa is crime that the State of Oklahoma seriusely prosecutes. As Motorcycles and riding in clubs are a common hobby in Oklahoma we've seen an increase is prosecution for the unauthorized use. This opens the door for more laws regarding their use. Motorcycles are clearly the two-wheel motorized bikes we are used to. However, they can also be a three-wheel vehicle, like the motorized trikes becoming popular. Further, the engine must be 150 cu. cm to legally be a “motorcycle”. Motorcycles are subject to certain laws regarding their usage besides the general traffic laws. Read on to learn more about unauthorized use of a motorcycle.

Are you looking to clean up your criminal record? Well, look no further. Our criminal record expungement attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma can help you erase your past and start fresh. Contact us for a confidential consultation regarding your criminal history and how to seal the criminal record. Our Expungement attorneys will review your arrest and/or conviction record and make recommendations on how to seal your criminal record. Read on to learn more about criminal record expungement under Oklahoma State law.

Criminal Record Expungement Overview

In Oklahoma, to have your criminal record expunged means that is will be sealed from public view. For very limited purposes the criminal record may still be viewed by law enforcement agencies. However, your next door neighbor, co-worker, or prospective employer will not be able to view the record.

This will help you obtain employment that was out of reach due to your past, and potentially receive public assistance or obtain a new apartment (most landlords review applicant’s criminal history). The process of having your record expunged is relatively affordable as well. Hiring an experienced criminal record expungement attorney may be one of the best decisions you make for your professional and personal life.

Criminal Record Expungement Process

Most of our clients need their arrest and conviction record sealed (overall criminal history sealed). We begin the process by running a statewide criminal background check on our clients. The background check provides us with their arrest/conviction records throughout the state counties. We file a motion for expungement of an arrest/conviction record in the county in which it occurred and  a court date will be set. Notice of the motion must be provided to the District Attorney’s office, in addition to  the arresting agency, and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Prior to going to court, we obtain information about our client’s that will help their case. For example, if our clients were previously arrested for assault, we may obtain evidence to present regarding our client’s attendance in anger management classes through the local community college. On the scheduled court date, we advocate on our client’s behalf to have the record sealed. The DA may appear, or a law enforcement officer to contest the sealing. If the motion is granted, your criminal record will be sealed.

Seal Your Criminal Record Conviction in Oklahoma

In order to be eligible to seal your criminal records conviction, one of the following must apply:

  1. You have been acquitted of the criminal offense;
  2. The appellate court reversed your criminal conviction;
  3. Subsequent to being convicted, DNA evidence established your innocence;
  4. The Governor grants you a pardon for a crime you were innocent of committing;
  5. After being arrested for a crime, no formal charges were asserted against you;
  6. You were charged with a non-violent offense as set forth in Section 571 of Title 57 of the Oklahoma Statutes, and the charge was dismissed following the successful completion of a deferred judgment or delayed sentence;
  7. You were convicted of a misdemeanor, currently have no charges pending, and it has been at least ten (10) years since the end of the last misdemeanor sentence; or
  8. You were falsely arrested for committing a crime.

Title 22 Section 991(c) allows you to have a criminal record expunged if received a deferred sentence. A petition must be made under both 991(c) and Title 22 Section 18 in order to have the arrest and conviction record expunged.

Hire Our Tulsa Criminal Record Expungement Attorneys

We invite you to contact our expungement attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma to discuss your case and the criminal record you want to seal in detail. We will review your criminal history and determine if you qualify to have your record expunged. Call us for a confidential consultation. We provide legal services to residents throughout the state of Oklahoma.

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